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Needs Assesment

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Needs assessment is the first and the most important step to guarantee a better future.

Leave it to us

Our specialists will work alongside you at all stages of your project to manage your project the best way possible.

Be the best

Those who wait for time will lose it. It is time to be the best by creating the best.

More About Us

What we offer

Consulting and infrastructure services

Advances in technology has led to the growing need of companies for computer network services. network support and security services will enhance the speed and efficiency of operations.

What we offer

Consequently, we offer you these services to help you grow your business. We offer different services to design install and set up your network, to provide the best service at minimum cost, by considering your needs.

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Hardware services and backup

It is not possible to operate a set of management information systems without reliable hardware and network infrastructure.  there are different types of hardware and software for different services.

Like what?

For instance, local services, telecommunications, networking etc. We will consult you to help you make the best decision in choosing the right hardware and software for your business.

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Providing security solutions

Nowadays, businesses are very dependent on their IT infrastructures. As a result, information security is critical to any business. That is to say, lack of infrastructure security can cause irreversible damages to companies and organizations.

What to do?

Ethical hacking is a way to evaluate the security level of network systems. Therefore, a group of professionals simulate the attacks of a hacker to solve the security problems.

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Software solutions

We are one of the few world-class software service providers! Consequently, we will consult you on how to choose the best software and products to get the highest efficiency in shortest time. Moreover, our service helps you extract useful information from your database.

What does it mean?

Matter of fact, our BI and Automated report making tools will make it easy for you to run your business. In addition to that, we will firstly help you to have employees who are motivated, committed and responsible, and secondly to have satisfied customers.

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Always be professional

We have years of experience in software design and development and we have made great achievements in this field. Moreover, our software development team members are experts in all kinds of programming languages. we will always offer you the best solution.

What about our team?

Our software team started its activities in 2009 and tried to keep our customers happy with new ideas from the beginning. To sum up, we offer services in the field of internet, programming and web design.

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This is our Work

Portfolio Showcase

  • lenava
  • lenava

    Web design, our specialty

    You need multiple skills to create and update a website. Most importantly, choosing the right platform and using coding standards are worth mentioning.

  • lenava

    Our creations:

    • Cinere men
    • Supplus Meds
    • Derma Clean
    • Tabiat shop Your website is your online office and represents your identity, brand, and work ethic. So, get your business out into the public's eye all the time!


Features Overview

Electronic Process Automation

Afra was created in 2006 with the goal of organizing the forms within an organization through gathering information from all resources in order to automate business processes.

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Web Applications

In today’s competitive world of business, information is very important to every business. the high speed of information flow and its availability is one of the main concerns of business managers.

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Technical Consulting

As we move forward to the future, the software industry becomes wider and more complex.  it is difficult for users to choose one. That is to say, with IT becoming a key infrastructure…

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Social Media App Development

Virtual Social Networks play a major role in human life today. The presence of more than one billion people on facebook alone reflects their widespread impact

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Search Engine Optimization

there are not many websites that can grab the attention of the audience at first sight. as the number of websites grow, the…

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Private Hosting

In recent years, online services have become very popular. having a website or a web application is very important for every business.

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بهترین نرم‌افزار اتوماسیون اداری آنلاین | حذف مکاتبات اداری

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خرید لایسنس کریو کنترل

نوشته شده توسط لناوا in کریو

برای محافظت از اطلاعات و سرورهای سازمان‌تان چه اقدامی انجام داده‌اید؟ این سوال اولین قدم در راستای خرید لایسنس کریو کنترل است. به عنوان مدیر یک شرکت یا مجموعه، حفظ امنیت سرورها از اصلی‌ترین دغدغه‌های شماست. حتی تعدادی از راهکارهای امنیتی پیشرفته نیز در بسیاری از موارد به خوبی پاسخگوی نیازهای شرکت‌ها نیستند. کریو کنترل […]

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نرم افزار اتوماسیون اداری آنلاین | نقش اتوماسیون اداری آنلاین در سازمان

نوشته شده توسط لناوا in اتوماسیون اداری

نرم افزار اتوماسیون اداری آنلاین یکی از راهکارهای سازمانی بر پایه خدمات دیجیتال است. امروزه دیجیتال‌سازی فرایندها و مراحل مختلف کسب‌وکارها تبدیل به یک امر ضروری شده است. نرم افزار اتوماسیون اداری آنلاین یکی از موفق‌ترین راهکارهایی است. این نرم افزار که در زمینه فرایندهای اداری به کمک سازمان‌های کوچک و بزرگ آمده است. اصلی‌ترین […]

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