Electric Fence

The electric fence is a fence-like structure that restricts access to a particular area. It consists of metal nets set at a suitable potential difference and located at a sufficiently distant location to keep living organisms away from it. During this article, we will explain all the information needed about these guards or fences.

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Steps to create electric Fence


● As per the first step of the construction of electrical protection, each area has certain conditions according to its size, and each zone is divided into different zones. If necessary, you can switch off one section of the fence when you split it into different sections.

● Each section of the facility is surrounded by wire, insulation, and beams, and electricity is carried to each of them. Energy use is minimized by the intermittent power system. In addition to this, the beams are spaced at a certain distance and are very strong.

● The control signal and galvanized steel fence are connected to each zone independently of the insulators. According to the user’s needs, the distance between steel conductors (wires) is defined between 10 and 25 cm, whereas the area that needs more protection, the shorter the distance should be.

● An electric shock (without risk of death) is administered to prevent a collision from entering the fence when the wires conduct alternating current at regular intervals (usually one second). A fence can also be turned off by certain conditions so that only weak signals that indicate aggression are detected; in this circumstance, only alarms and collisions are recorded.

● The shape of electrical fences, along with the physical effect, has a psychological effect that can prevent unauthorized entry into the fence.

Training Pets

Cattle and herds can be safely guarded with electrical guards that do not harm animals. The fences are designed so that the animals are well taken care of and can be changed easily. This tool is adjustable to the needs of the user and can be adjusted accordingly. Touching these guards makes animals stay away from them forever, and this prevents them from being harmed. Additionally, you can use them outdoors and throughout the year without any restrictions.

You can take care of your livestock for a longer period of time and at a lower cost by using electrical shields for training. A shock should be applied to the animals when they approach fences, so they will not return. The fence can also be augmented with other anti-theft components.

By the end of four to five days, all animals will realize that they should not come into contact with a guard. The animals typically follow reward and punishment systems well and never act in a way that harms them. Since the voltage is between 4,000 and 5,000 volts, it is rare they come close to protection after dealing with so much voltage. A corral can also be added to an electric fence, which is useful during the feeding season.

Deterrence System

Human society places a high value on privacy, which is why most people come up with solutions based on the importance of privacy. Those who do not protect their privacy take risks such as being harmed, having their privacy invaded, or being robbed. We all need privacy from time to time. However, there are some places that need it more than others, such as gardens, villas, military facilities, workshops, museums, etc. It should also be noted that seeking privacy is a very challenging, expensive, and often fruitless process.

Thus, one of the best ways to protect your privacy is to prevent theft, intrusion, and unauthorized entry. Protecting property and people at lower costs and intelligently is possible with electrical protection or electrophoresis, which can avoid intrusion into privacy. As one of the most common and well-known systems of environmental protection, electrophoresis is used in all developed and developing countries alike. This system is actually an intrusion blocker and removes everyone with an electric shock. There is no doubt that electric fencing has been around for a long time, but recent improvements have made it easier to achieve privacy at the lowest cost, without needing a large workforce, and without causing any problems for people due to accidents.

Electric Fence Components

The main parts are typically accompanied by some other components such as wires and power supplies, making them more complete. Electrical shields typically contain the following components:

    1. Iron Beams

Wires are tied together with wires that are buried underground and installed 3 to 5 meters apart. The company’s standard sample is made of galvanized material and comes with several different heights. Fence systems depend on steel beams for strength.

    1. Insulators

Insulators serve to prevent conductive wires from being connected to conductive beams. Water will not accumulate on the insulation in electrical fences and can not disturb the currents. Insulators in electrical fences are made from materials resistant to electricity and ultraviolet rays.

    1. Conductive Wires

Steel wires are elastic and flexible, so they belong to the HIT type. A galvanized coating also protects these wires against gradual degradation. Electrical fences used to protect installations vary in terms of their distance and number of wires.

    1. Electrical Protection Energizers

Every device and part of the energizers is subjected to quality standards and safety guidelines. Energizers control CCTV systems and alarm systems. Batteries and power supplies make up the power supply. The energizer carries out a continuous check of the electrical connections of wires and other components.

    1. Central Control and Warning Unit (ACU):

Information received from the energizers is processed by this unit. This unit handles the input information by microprocessors. They can connect to LAN (wireless) and can be connected to standard and ring networks.

    1. Central computer (MULTI sys):

Electrical fences use central computers that have the ability to process information from control units and alarms and can be controlled and programmed by images presented on the screen. Users control the fences via central computers.

  1. Monitoring and Security Softwares

In addition to the Lenava Electrical Protection System, other electronic protection devices and power supplies are controlled through comprehensive security management software installed in the control room. It records all actions performed on the fencing system in accordance with the security instructions created by the user. A sensitivity sensor in the fences allows the system to detect touch and warn of danger if it detects any touch in the protective area.

Furthermore, the software monitors any conflicts, sabotage elements, or potential problems with the system. The software can send out the necessary messages and act as directed as soon as the system detects a problem.

Maintenance Methods

Keeping fences in good repair requires the use of a voltmeter and a fault finder. This will ensure that the system’s voltage is within proper limits. Additionally, troubleshooting devices can easily pinpoint the exact problem with each part and help you resolve it faster. Therefore, you won’t have to spend time troubleshooting or incur additional costs.

Additionally, these devices are capable of providing voltage and safety, as well as confirming the efficiency of the device and possibly preventing wires from being moved from their original location. If you want to keep control devices clean and free of contaminants, ensure that they are located away from electrical protection.


  • High possibility of threat against authorized personnel and limited visibility of traditional systems
  • Creating a harsh and annoying appearance and reducing the visual beauty of traditional systems
  • Possibility of waste stuck in traditional systems
  • Lack of conflict detection in traditional systems
  • High probability of system malfunction and easy penetration into traditional systems
  • Unawareness of the full environment
  • Despite their low efficiency, fences require many cadres to maintain
  • Costs of fences, walls, and bars are extremely high
  • Increasing depreciation in traditional electric fence systems
  • A high price may make them a target for theft

The benefit of Electric Fences

  • Online and telephone early warnings are available to individuals
  • Standard shock, approved by all standards (the shock prevents the penetration but never harms individuals)
  • strength fences against a variety of tools to influence
  • 24 hours a day active time and no depreciation
  • Increases efficiency of security forces and eliminate the need to hire new personnel

Unique Features of Lenava Electrical Shields

● No need for a large control room and specialized manpower to control security and remote systems Cameras because of smart Electric Fence management software.
● Do not allow any penetration of the system and record unauthorized entries at all times, even for the trauma.
● Comprehensive protection of people and property
● A beautiful visual and the use of various technologies
● Compatibility with the needs of all organizations and individuals
● Variety in the types of fences
● Compatibility with all safety systems
● Utilizing solar panels to generate energy
● Fire and alarm systems and projectors in harmony
● Personnel security and fence safety for them
● Identify and prevent invaders or unauthorized entry into a building
● Warranty and 24-hour support from Lenaba engineering team

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