Everything About Website Design

Layout and Patterning

A layout of website and pattern allow for the arrangement of text and advertisements. Website owners strive to reach more people with their websites. It is therefore very important that the design of the site and the templates are cohesive and appealing.


It is important to color websites according to both the purpose and theme of the site. On a website, you can also use many different colors or use only a few. It is normal for the website to be colored in accordance with the logo of the organization or team.

History of Websites

In1991, the World Wide Web project, or www, created the first website ever. Although specific graphics or even images existed on the websites in the early years of this project, Microsoft helped develop the site design over time.

Web Graphics

The graphics on a website are an integral part of conveying the information well to a user. A graphic design can be a photo, a logo, clip art, or an icon that enhances a website. Creating graphic components should not be overdone in order to avoid overload for the site.



If the site’s content is going to communicate the message of the site well, it must be in harmony with the website’s design. In order to keep the traffic on the site high, the text needs to be relevant and meaningful.



Adding different fonts to your site design can make the design more appealing. Fonts should be matched with the content they belong to. There are a limited number of fonts that browsers can view, and not every font is supported.


Who Is a Website Designer?

Each phase of the web design process has different responsibilities for the web designer. Two designer teams are usually required to design a site, one for the backend (codes) and the other for the frontend (graphical and display elements). Creating the website template requires back-end expertise in coding.
Visitors cannot see the site’s code because it’s hidden. Programmers use languages such as ASP, PHP, and Python to develop websites.
View Lenava’s examples of innovative design on the company’s website (Lenava.ir) to understand the core features of a good site. The Lenava team includes all of the experts mentioned above and even more, making it easy to design the perfect site for your business.

How Is Website Designing?

Sites can be categorized into two types: dynamic and static.

Designing Static Sites

Each page of the site is considered as a separate file. Whenever a page is opened, the server retrieves the information on each file and displays it to the visitor.


Designing Dynamic Sites

Unlike static sites, dynamic sites change their content without altering the pages. By using server applications, dynamic page structures can be created.


Why Should You Leave the Design of Your Site to Lenava?

In addition to excellent experience and expertise in designing different types of sites, Lnava’s site design team also offers consulting and technical services in all pertinent areas.
On the site, you can view Lenawa portfolios and rate the top quality of them. You can contact Lenava directly if you’re interested in high-quality and versatile sites like the ones on this site.

The Best Inspiration for Site Designing

Considering details and generalities will help you design your site. A template or source of inspiration will lead you to know exactly what to do to create a great site.

There are many attractive and popular websites you can check out.

AwwwardsBehanceSite inspire

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Site?

The main elements of site design we discussed earlier are not the only elements that contribute to enhancing a user's experience on the site. There are many other features and functions that draw attention to the site and guide users toward the goal.

Compatibility of Website

You may need to adapt your site to a variety of search engines and systems in order to attract good traffic and ensure user convenience so that no one is deprived of access to your site due to system incompatibility.


By incorporating new movements and tools, you will have a dynamic and professional site that is at least a step ahead of your competitors.

The Purpose of Website Design

A website can not only have informational or news-related goals, but it may also have organizational objectives. You can create SEO content and create a suitable…

user interface to increase traffic to your site and achieve your company’s goals for customers.

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Navigation in website design includes the architecture, menus, tools, categories, etc., that are based on the user’s interests and the goals of the site.

Providing these tools and functions makes accessing the site easier and reduces the likelihood of the user rejecting it.

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In addition, a video related to a site’s goals allows users to access information easier and faster, as videos are visual stimuli.

Adding this functionality to your site will encourage users to spend more time on it or bookmark it.

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Creating Interaction with Users

You can encourage active participation by adding commentaries, polls, or scores to the site design. Create registration panels, user panels, newsletters, and email applications…

to convert in-site users into customers.

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Website Designing

The method of displaying information and the information itself play a significant part in designing a site. An ideal website will offer visitors the information they need in the shortest time possible and never bore them. In addition to being useful, the information entered on the site should also be accessible with the least number of clicks and in the simplest way possible. An appropriate layout will be necessary to achieve this.

User experience can be greatly affected by the speed at which the site loads pages. A slow site makes users feel that the site is of poor quality and of little value since it is dull and slow.

Your company information and user information on the site should be protected on a good site, and there should be a good level of vulnerability. Keeping a secure website requires you to follow a set of methods that web designers tend to use most often. A website should consider SSL certificates, for instance, as one of the guidelines when designing the site.

For the best content that drives site traffic, you need SEO experts who can design the content to rank well in Google. The best graphics on your site won’t matter if search engine optimization is not considered. These features will not affect your site’s performance without SEO.
Hence, you should design your content so that it reaches the top of Google in some searches and provides you with appropriate results. Artificial intelligence enables search engines such as Google to recognize your content, so your content should be built with search engine standards in mind.

The creator of the site should be able to define the access level of users and administrators for the site, and it should not be all available to everyone at once. Web design projects should definitely take this feature into account since it is important for almost all reputable sites.

Businesses can use a website as a marketing tool and sell their products through it alone. Websites make it simple for businesses to introduce their products and keep customers informed of product changes. You can even record customer feedback.
Sites are also the best option for anyone who wants to reach their target audience, including businesses, organizations, and academic groups. With this feature, users can receive the information they need without making phone calls or traveling. This will increase the number of users and drive more traffic to the site, allowing them to meet their needs more efficiently.
It is important to consider the features of our website when creating it so that the costs involved in creating and maintaining it will not be wasted.


The best way to increase your business revenue is to reduce your costs while still growing revenue and profits. Aside from that, in the recent digital age, entering the digital market has become as important as staying in the business market.
Developing a website tailored to your specific needs will reduce your costs since you would not have to use traditional marketing methods and spend thousands of dollars to create a site that isn’t really worth much to you in terms of financial benefits.
Even if you reduce costs, website design can keep your business up-to-date with changing market conditions, and if your site is designed well, it will increase your revenue by attracting more customers every day.

Ease of Access

In these hectic times, where people want easy ways to complete their tasks, using the Internet to accomplish tasks makes the most sense. Cyberspace is governed by many laws that have made people more trusting than ever before.
So you can effectively promote and sell your services and products to an endless number of Internet users. In order to remain competitive and not be left out of the new market, even the most established businesses will realize that they need to build their business via the Internet to compete with the latest market and not fall behind.
Now that most businesses do not have office or corporate facilities, they have to leverage the large volume of customers online by developing quality websites.

Extensive Marketing

In contrast to other forms of marketing, site marketing is considerably cheaper. It is also possible to use SEO, which is very effective, to advertise online with a much larger audience. Creating SEO-related content related to your business can also help you gain more audience and market share.

Increase Credibility

A well-designed site can give your business credibility among competitors. In this way, every time someone visits your site, they can get to know your brand, allowing you to use your website as a branding tool. If you do not yet have a personal brand, you can still grow one through your website.
Of course, the reality of what you are doing is what matters, and it doesn’t work to fit into a mold that does not exist. Use content related to your business to build an authentic online presence.

Service Facilitation

Customers must be informed about a product before they buy it. Presenting catalogs and advertisements is typically the approach used to achieve this, but this is inefficient.
Alternatively, you can upload product articles and give product details using the website. Customers can also contribute their opinions by completing a survey or asking a question.

Updating Information

Making a website will allow you to inform your customers about changes made to your company or product. In reality, this requires a lot of money to spend on ads, billboards, and other forms of advertising, which is very difficult. This can, however, increase customer service and sales on the website by keeping their information current.

Permanent Advantages

When you create a website, you can take advantage of lifelong services. For instance, if you want to advertise in the physical area, these ads can only be valuable for a limited period; however, you can always advertise online without any limitation.
Besides the benefits already mentioned, you can design your site to meet your goals, as well as promote your business by using tools and techniques to accomplish that. As well, updating your website keeps you up to date and allows you to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

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