Private Hosting

Hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to place a web-based website or system on the Internet. A server stores information about these systems. This server computer usually shares its power and capabilities with other users, enabling an organization to connect. If so, people just need to enter the website address into their browser, and then they’ll see the site page.

Host Types According to Performance

WordPress Host

WordPress hosts are hosting servers that are already equipped with the WordPress CMS and are optimized for WordPress.

Linux Hosting

Using Linux hosts is recommended for sites written in the Linux programming language. PHP is the most popular Linux programming language. “C-panel” and “Direct Admin” control panels are used for Linux hosts to manage everything.

Windows Hosts

In order for your website to use Windows programming, you need to select a host customized for the Windows operating system and a user panel that is compatible with the Windows operating system and supports its capabilities; this means the server is running on Windows. Websites designed in this manner usually use the Windows programming language.

Cloud Host

A cloud-based website is located in the cloud systems. In the hardware overhead space, multiple servers are centrally embedded, making your webspace virtually hosted on the servers. Floating hosting is another name for cloud hosting.

Limitless Hosting

There is no limit to the storage of the traffic available on these types of hosts, which offer cloud-based services. It is used exclusively by large organizations and sites.

Free Hosting

Hosting with these hosts is free, but the resources and space are limited. Free hosting is not suitable for companies, and it lacks the security needed to run a business in a secure environment. For this reason, it is mostly used for blogging.

Reseller Host

Site administrators can access greater resources on this kind of host to run multiple sites simultaneously. Providers of hosting services as a component may use these hosts.

High-speed Hosting

Compared to other examples of high-speed hosting services, this service has higher resources such as RAM, CPU, and storage space, and its traffic and bandwidth exceed other options. Although the speed of these hosts differs from host to host, they are significantly better than other hosts in this regard.

Cluster Hosting

Cluster hosting entails connecting servers together. A multi-server storage solution is used to make the best use of them. A storage cluster also functions as a server cluster.

Take time to analyze your needs, including how many visitors and users you will have on your website, before choosing a category for it. A hosting provider must be able to suit the needs of the users of the site, as well as the requirements for managing the site.

For further assistance in choosing the type of host, you can contact the Lenava office.


How Can We Get a Dedicated Host?

Previously, we summarized hosting definitions. However, we need to be aware of what we need to do for hosting and for creating an overall website. A host and space on the Internet can be obtained first by creating a domain tailored to your needs, providing an address of a host, and setting the hostname address letters.

If you get hosting from a software company such as Lenava, ask them to send you the name or address of the hosting server so your domain name will be associated with that address. With Lenava Engineering Group, you can create your site online without any hassle and benefit from our services by taking advantage of our dedicated and shared hosting services.

What Company Should We Hire for Hosting Services?

As well as the above features, the dedicated hosting company should also offer general features so that the entire hosting operation can be safely entrusted to it, and we do not need to seek services from several different locations. There must be an established reputation and a dedicated 24-hour support service to address any concerns that may arise.

Moreover, the communication team of the company, as well as the technical team, should understand our needs and expectations and meet them well.

A company should have a strong resume, as that is the most important characteristic of a good company, and if you want to trust a company, you need to see that it has a strong resume.

With years of experience in providing hosting services, Lenava Engineering Group can fully handle the dedicated hosting of your website. Moreover, Lenava offers quality site design services and can provide all the services associated with the creation of a site all at once. Those interested in ensuring Lenava’s quality can check out the specialized resumes of the teams on the site.

Types of Hosting

Currently, there are many ways for displaying your website on the web, and each can be suitable for a certain audience, and you choose your host based on your needs. A host is essentially a place where you store your website, but there are differences in terms of storage capacity, technical knowledge, speed, and server security. Hosting can take the following forms:


Owners of dedicated server websites can host their website with another dedicated server, which offers them the most control, customization, and management opportunities. It is only your website that is accessible from the server, and as such, the server is available for your use. Private hosting allows you to fully control a server’s security, its operating system, and any other information you desire.

Virtual Server

Alternatively called VPS, virtual servers can be characterized as combining private hosting and shared hosting into one type of hosting. A virtual server allows the user to have more control and is easily customizable. In a virtual server, the required hardware is affixed to a physical server via virtualization. With this method, you can run multiple systems on one server. Utilizing a virtual server can help to cover the shortcomings of shared hosting.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is suitable for beginner web hosting. In shared hosting, your site is shared with other sites. All websites on shared servers have the same server, and the cost of subscribing and hosting is lower than other methods. So this type of hosting is better for beginner sites that do not want to spend a lot of money. Of course, it should be said that the security and capacity of this hosting is significantly less due to being shared, and if you see security as an important element, it is better not to choose this type of hosting.

How to Hire Suitable Hosts?

It is very important that the product be priced according to your financial ability. It is important to make sure that the host you choose isn’t one that you regret purchasing. If you do not have a concern about costs, choose the best hosts and services.

Choose a hosting company that provides good after-sale service and support. Taking a look at the resume of the company can help you with this. As part of its after-sales service effort, the Lenava Engineering Group provides full product support over the long run.

Hosting speed, SEO, and site ranking are all important aspects of web hosting. Depending on the hardware factors and the server network bandwidth, hosting speeds differ. Sites will load faster and load more efficiently if their host server network has a good hard drive, CPU, and RAM capacity.

Powerful hardware and software should be a priority for a good host. Furthermore, users can easily and quickly navigate the website. The best and most reputable companies will never harm their reputation or resume and will offer powerful servers. It’s important to check the resume of a service company to get an idea of whether the quality of their work is guaranteed or not.

Companies providing hosting services are located in standard facilities and tend to have a lot of experience in this area. Generally, these companies have their own data centers or purchase servers from other large companies. Check the data center hosting service provided by the company prior to making a purchase.


When it comes to software and the Internet, security is of paramount importance. It is critical for the hosting company to meet all security requirements and be safe in the field of hosting. Security services must be multi-layered and provide a comprehensive solution for users’ concerns. Furthermore, it is necessary that a specialized security team provides the necessary conditions. The site’s information can still be protected in many ways, even though host security cannot always be 100%, but it can be as safe as possible. Moreover, the level of security offered by the hosting providers varies depending on the importance of the site and the needs of the client.

The security of these systems is relative, and they can be compromised at times. In the event of a security breach, power loss, or hard drive breakdown, the service provider must quickly resolve the issues and maintain your hosting for you. The server will be accessible for longer and will perform better as a result.

There can be several things that affect a site’s accessibility. In the case of an update or security problems causing the site to be down, the information on the site may be compromised, which can be very dangerous for you. Hosting companies must be responsible for backing up website information and providing regular support to their clients. Lastly, backup files should always be readily available and should never be deleted from the archive.

Note: :Note that hosting vendors provide hosting services more than their hardware capacity and bandwidth. As a result, the server becomes slower and has a lower capacity.

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